10 Rarest Animals in The World


Some animals are rare and they might already be extinct and we just don’t know. Some can be only found in captivity. Here is 10 rarest animals in the world.


10. Tarzan’s Chameleon

Calumma Tarzan or Tarzan Chameleon is a species of Chameleon. This medium sized chameleon discovered in 2009 in Tarzan Forest Madagascar. Threaten by habitat loss and population fragmentation.

Tarzan's chameleon
Photo by Яна Розова

9. Sumatran Rhino

The Sumatran Rhinoceros or Asian two horned rhinoceros is a rare member of Rhinocerotiade family. First Sumatran Rhino founded in 1973, near west coast of Sumatra. This rhino species lives in rainy forest. Only near 100 are now estimated to remain.

Sumatran Rhino
Photo by Johannes Pfleiderer

8. Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey

The Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey is a slender bodied arboreal founded in Northern Vietnam. This is the one of the species of snub-nosed monkeys. This species is the most endangered primates in the world.

Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey
Photo by Ming Li

7. Ili Pika

The Ili Pika is belongs to Northewest China. This mammal was discovered in 1983, but it was not documented again until again 2014. The Ila Pika have soft and fluffy coat.

Ili Pika
Photo by gilles Berthon

6. Pinocchio Frog

The Pinocchio Frog known as tree frog. This frog species founded in Foja Mountains, Indonesia. This frog has a long nose like Pinocchio. It has ability to enlarge and inflate its nose. It inflates when the male frog is calling.

Pinocchio Frog
Photo by Unknown

5. Ploughshare Tortoise

The Ploughshare Tortoise also known as Angonoka Tortoise. An endangered species belongs to Baly Bay area of northwestern Madagascar. These are high-domed and small land tortoises. The price of this species is high due to its gold and black shells in international black market and this is the main reason to steal these animals from its native home.

Ploughshare Tortoise
Photo by Bernard DUPONT

4. Dumbo Octopus

The Grimpoteuthis better known as Dumbo Octopus is a species of umbrella octopus. This is a deep-sea animal that live on the ocean floor. This octopus has rounded ears like fins which sticking out of the sides of their heads.

Dumbo Octopus
Photo by Unknown

3. Honduran White Bat

The Honduran White Bat is a species of Phyllostomatidae bat family. This bat belongs to Honduras Costa Rica. This bat is one of the cutest bat. This species founded in wet and evergreen forests. This species has generation length of six years.

Honduran White Bat
Photo by Deanna Fountain

2. Cherax Pulcher

The Cherax Pulcher is a most beautiful species of crayfish which belongs to Papua Indonesia. It is a most popular freshwater aquarium species. The Cherax Pulcher also known as blue moon, Hoa Creek or Irian Jay.

Cherax Pulcher
Photo by phạm tượu pham

1. Spoon-Billed Sandpiper

This small wader breeds in northeastern Russia and winters in Southeast Asia. The feature of this species is its spatulate beak. This bird is rare with a current population of fewer than 2500.

Spoon-Billed Sandpiper
Photo by Gary Kinard
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