10 Most Stunning and Rare Flower Species


Flowers are most beautiful gift of the nature. More than 270000 types of flowers are found on our plant with different colors, shapes, sizes and scents from which some extraordinary flowers that are rarely found with comparisons to other flowers. Here are 10 Most Stunning and Rare Flower Species.

10. Middlemist Red

Middlemist Red flower is most beautiful flower and considered as rarest flower in the world. Middlemist Red exists in only two well-known locations a greenhouse in UK and New Zealand garden. These flowers are imported from China in 1804.

middlemist red Most Stunning and Rare Flower Species
Photo by Anthony Bourne

9. Jade Vine

Strongylodon macrobotrys known as Jade Vine is a species native to the forests of the Philippines. Jade Vine stem can grow up to 18m in length. Claw shaped flowers color is jade and these flowers pollinated by bats.

jade vine most stunning and rare flower species
Photo by Spider Lily

8. Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate cosmos is a species of cosmos native to Mexico. When chocolate cosmos blooms it smells like is chocolate but this flower is now extinct in the wild. This species was introduced for forming in 1902 where It survives as a single clone reproduced through vegetative propagation technique.

chocolate cosmos
Photo by cmd77

7. Youtan Poluo

Udumbara known as Youtan Poluo is special species. According to Buddhism scripture its only bloom once in every 3000 years. A Chinse farmer Mr Ding found these tiny white flowers which measure 1mm in length. This flower is native to China and Taiwan.

youtan poluo
Photo by Unknown

6. Yellow Lady Slippers

Cypripedium calceolus or Yellow Lady’s Slipper is founded in North America and as well as some parts of Europe. This Unique flower is look like a lady’s slipper.

yellow & purple ladys slippers
Photo by Unknown

5. Titan Arum or Corpse Flower

Titan Arum is also known as corpse flower due to its oder which smell like rotting corpse. Corpse flower reach over 3 meters (10 feets) in height. Initially its 7 to 10 years for the blooming after that some may not bloom again after another 7 to 10 years and some may bloom after 2 to 3 years.

corpse flower
Photo by Barry

4. Parrot’s Beak

Lotus Berthelotii known as Parrot’s Beak or Lotus Vine endemic to the Canary Island. Parrot’s Beak have rarely found since 19th century. In 1984, it was already classed as exceedingly rare. Parrot’s Beak only bloom in full sunshine. The flowers are combinations of orange, red and yellow color when they bloom.

parrots beak the lotus vine
Photo by KitnMike

3. Ghost Orchid

Dendrophylas Lindenii commonly known as Ghost Orchid is found in areas of Cuba and Florida. It requires very specific host trees to grow properly. Belgian Plant collector Jean Jules Linden saw this orchid for first time in Cuba in 1844.

ghost orchid
Photo by Nicholas Larghi

2. Kadupul Flower

Epiphyllum Oxypetalum or Queen of the Night is known as Kadupul Flower in Sir Lanka, Gekka Bijin in Japan and Brahma Kamalam in India. Kadupul flower is species of cactus. Flower blooms rarely in only at night. Basically, it’s come from Sir Lanka.

kadapul flower
Photo by Minh Hoang

1. Kokia Cookei

Kokia Cookei is a small deciduous tree only found in Hawaii. It considered rarest flower in the world. In 1970 a single plant discovered, later in 1978 tree destroyed in a fire. Currently only 23 grafted plants are exists from a branch removed earlier and grafted.

kokia cookei
Photo by David Eickoff

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