10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World


10. Caño Cristales River, Colombia

Caño Cristales located in Serrania de la Macarena, province of Meta. The river is known as “River of Five Colors” or Liquid Rainbow. It is is the most beautiful rivers in the world due to its striking colors. It changes colors because of Macarenia clavigera plants. Colors depend of light and water conditions. The river has beautiful circular rock pools. The length of the river is 100km. The river is clear and calm, it easy to see life underneath the water’s surface.

Photo by Unknown

9. The Kenai River, Alaska

The Kenai River is the most popular for sport fishing. The river in the Kenai Peninsula of South Central Alaska The Kenai River runs 130km from the Kenai Mountains through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and Skilak Lake to the Pacific Ocean. The Kenai River is the home of salmon, rainbow trout and dolly varden. King salmon which weighed about 44kg was caught in 1985 from the Kenai River.

kenai river alaska
Photo by MarculescuEugenIancuD5200Alaska

8. Radovna River, Slovenia

Radovna River found few kilometers from Bled Town. The river has a wooden hiking tail and bridges that run along with the river to explore the beauty of the river. This wooden trail ended with picturesque waterfall Sum Falls which is the largest waterfall in Slovenia. The length of the path is only 3 km and completed in one hour.

Radovna River Slovenia
Photo by Seppo Uusitupa

7. The Spree River, Germany

Length of the Spree River is about 400km. The name of the river Spree recorded as Sprewa which means spray water. River flows through the heart of the old kingdoms of Saxony, Bohemia and Bavaria.

spree river germany
Photo by Michelsohn

6. The Neretva River, Bosnia – Herzegovina

Neretva River also known as Narenta is the largest river flowing in Bosnia, Herzegovina and in Croatia. The river rises on Lebršnik Mountain and flows northwest past Konjic to Jablancia Lake. Its total length is 225km. Neretva River is one of the cleanest river in Europe. The city of Mostar has 16th century white stone bridge on this river.

Neretva River
Photo by Nikola Mijić

5. The Douro River, Portugal

The Douro River rises in the Urbion Mountains. Douro is one of the major rivers of Iberian Peninsula. Rio Douro translates from Portuguese as River of Gold. The length of the river is 897km. Fifteen dams have been built on the Douro to regulate the water flow and generate electric power.

the douro river
Photo by Federica Gentile

4. The Tigris River, Turkey

The Tigris River is 1750km long, flows from the mountains of southeastern Turkey through Iraq and empties into the Persian Gulf. It is the member of two great rivers that define Mesopotamia and the other is Euphrates.

tigris river
Photo by Fouad Pervez

3. The Rhine River, Switzerland

The Rhine River is a European river beginning in the Swiss canton of Graubünden in the sou

the rhine river switzerland
Photo by Micagoto

theastern Swiss Alps. Rhine River flowing through countries Austria, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Netherlands and Switzerland. The length of the river is 1230km. The Rhine River is one of the most beauties river.

2. The Irrawaddy River, Burma

Irrawaddy River flows from north to south through Myanmar. Length of the river is 2,210km. It is the largest river and important waterway of the country.

irrawaddy river burma
Photo by brain Corlis

1. The Yangtze River, China

The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world to flow entirely within one country. It has served China for longer source of food and water for irrigation of rice fields. The Three Gorges Dam on The Yangtze River is the largest power station in the world. Length on this river is 6300km.

Yangtze River China
Photo by Alshan
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